Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mobile Internet (WAP/GPRS/ EDGE) Settings & Activation

Depending on your mobile device model capabilities, you can get connected to internet or download various items via different protocols (WAP, GPRS, EDGE).
You can use these services to surf the net, check your emails, use the handset as modem to connect wireless internet to your personal computer, MMS, chatting and downloading different applications.

Options for activation:
Type A and send SMS to 900224
Dial 900 and follow the instructions
Dial *100# and follow the instructions
Options for deactivation:

Options for deactivation:

Type R and send SMS to 900224
Dial 900 and follow the instructions
Dial *100# and follow the instructions

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After the renovation, the Access Point also has been changed remaining same the web server IP address. Check out for the below table for recent settings:

General settings
IP Address/Proxy IP192.168.19.15
Port9201 (For WAP1)/ 8080 (For HTTP or WAP2)
Home page
Please note: Type All and send SMS to 9595 for the necessary setting for your mobile handsets. All handsets do not support GPRS facility.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mero Mobile is now Ncell

Mero Mobile is now Ncell since Friday, March 12 2010. MeroMobile was previously earned by Spicenepal private limited. After a leading European Investor Group - Telisonera took majority of its shares, Spicenepal was a property of Telisonera since few months. Now the Telisonera beleved that it was time for renovation and thus changed the name to Ncell which means NepalCell, they say. Learn more at ArchiveNepal.

It is felt that after the management is handled by the present group, MeroMobile has been launching bunches of schemes to us. It reflects the aggressive marketing policies of the group as well. We believe they are going to be more and more released now after.

As per the press conferences, Ncell is now eagerly focusing it-shelf in expanding coverage, delivering new schemes and improving the quality as well. We expect a lot of boon for us in this situation regarding the fact that Ncell is dedicating it-shelf in attracting huge mass of telecommunication users in Nepal.

Let us expect a lot form the new Ncell management as we deserve it! For quick links and more about MeroMobile/Ncell check out the Apex Forums as well.

Rapid expansion of Ncell's coverage
November 11, 2009 - 12:11 | (source:spicenepal)

As thousands of new customers line up to take part in Ncell's Gift a Gift campaign, mobile operator Spice Nepal is extending its coverage to many new parts of the country.

Mr Pasi Koistinen, Chief Executive Officer of Spice Nepal says, “We are very encouraged by the great interest in our Gift a Gift campaign, which is attracting many new customers. The rapid expansion of our network is one way of welcoming these customers by providing them with improved voice quality and connectivity.”

Since May 2009 there has been a 16 percent increase in the proportion of Nepal’s population coming within Mero Mobile’s operating area — an extra 4.5 million people — and a 7.5 percent increase in the area of the country covered. The most recent figures show that the network now covers about 60 percent of the population and around 22 percent of the total geographical area. As of the end of September, Spice Nepal, had more than 1.8 million subscribers.

Explains Mr Koistinen: “In our commitment to offer the best mobile services in Nepal, we are speeding up the rollout of our network across the country. Across Nepal 400 professionals are working hard to install new towers and other network equipment. Seventy percent of this team have been hired in Nepal.”

The Gift a Gift campaign was launched in October. Customers take part by buying a Rs. 100 Mero Mobile recharge card from a participating outlet. They also receive a gift-wrapped prepaid SIM card with a Rs. 15 balance, which can be used by the customer or gifted to a friend or relative. The Rs. 15 bonus SIM card can be spent on any Mero Mobile voice, data or value added service.

“Our campaign message is clear: We want our customers to share the Mero Mobile experience with their friends and families. We want people to talk to each other and we take great pride in providing them with the network to do this,” added Mr Koistinen.

Spice Nepal will provide more details on its extended coverage in future press releases.

For various settings regarding Ncell services check out other posts in the blog or simply check out